Self-Portrait™ Power Traits Assessment

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The Self-Portrait™ is a tool for gaining insights into how students learn best and showing them how to use their learning strengths – or “power traits” - for learning and life success. It has been used by tens of thousands of students, parents, teachers, and adults seeking to enhance the way they learn, work, teach and / or communicate.

What makes the Self-Portrait™ assessment unique?

The Self-Portrait™ assesses the 5 dimensions of student-centered learning, quickly and simply, in language that is easily understood by everyone. The 5 dimensions are:

  • Disposition
  • Modality
  • Environment
  • Interests
  • Talents

The Self-Portrait™ assessment is for:

Students of all ages
  • Discover how you learn best.
  • Find out what to do to memorize, study, take tests, get your homework done, and much more!
  • Improve communication with family members.
  • Find out how each of your children learns best.
  • Learn how to more effectively help with homework.
  • Get information to share with teachers when discussing learning issues.
  • Gain the confidence to let go of labels such as dyslexic, ADD, ADHD, learning disabled, slow, lazy, and “just average!”
  • Find out how YOU learn best, and how this affects your teaching and communication in the classroom.
  • Gain insights into students’ learning strengths for more effective teaching.
  • Get information you can pass on to parents to work together as a team!
School Administrators
  • Sign up your school or district!
  • Students take the Self-Portrait™ assessment online and download results and learning strategies.
  • Teachers have access to their students’ results, downloadable guides, and results application portal.

Self-Portrait™ Assessment Prices:

Purchase Price
1 - 2 $35 each
3 or more $30 each

Please Note: The Self-Portrait™ assessment is for ages 8 to adult and requires at least a third grade reading ability. If the student has difficulty reading, someone can read it to him/her and ask him/her to make the choices. First and second graders who are advanced readers are often able to complete the assessment by themselves or with some help.

The average reader usually completes the Self-Portrait™ assessment in 20 minutes. However, it is all right if it takes longer. Also, you will have the ability to log out and come back at a later time, should you wish to take breaks.

As soon as the ordering transaction is completed, each purchased assessment can be taken online, with immediate results and recommendations. Please read our payment terms and policies.

Individuals, families, or small groups:

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Organizations and schools:

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